What Editors Say

Here’s a short list of some of the editors I have worked with. I took a deep breath and asked them to describe what I’m like…

“Colleen meets deadlines and respects the editing process. She likes to look for the ‘unusual and different’ in her stories.”
Gary Ross, Editor – Vancouver Magazine

“Colleen’s been wonderfully responsive to edits, ideas, and fresh angles when pitching stories to Student Traveler. Her writing always has a touch of lightness and humor that is missing from many travel stories.”
Jeff Booth, Editor – Student Traveler Magazine

“Colleen Friesen is a good writer and easy to work with. She’s funny, too!”
Larry Habegger, Editor – Travelers’ Tales Books

“I have always found that Ms. Friesen is dependable and thorough. Her submissions are well researched and contain the necessary photos with captions and credits. For Print, she holds to our guidelines, word count, focus and sidebars. For the Internet, sidebars with links are always checked. Ms. Friesen is a professional and a pleasure to work with in both Print and Internet.”
Vic Foster, Editor – Syndicated Newspaper Travel, Travelwise Magazine Online

“Colleen Friesen has been a contributing travel writer for Coast Reporter for the past three years. Her stories always give the reader a different perspective on travel. They’re not your typical travel story. That’s what we like so much about Colleen — always a fresh approach and unpredictable!”
Ian Jacques, Editor – Coast Reporter

“Colleen’s writing is real, entertaining and it makes you feel you were right there with her. She is gutsy and dependable, a good writer to source stories from.”
Mary Hughes, Editor-in-Chief – Spa Life magazine


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