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  1. Mary Ediger
    Mary Ediger at |

    Colleen thanks again for such thoughtful words. I also wish that I had listened more closely and written things down at the time. We are blessed. Every day just waking up on Canadian soil is a luxury and a privilege. And one to be shared.

  2. Catherine Clarke
    Catherine Clarke at |

    Colleen. Thank you for copying the reading. It always looks that the facilities are inadequate for the numbers of people who need to be cared for, so some die, the stronger ones survive. Does any government do enough for displaced people, in terms of infrastructure, schooling, health? As you say there are 22.5 million refugees at the moment, over half of which are under the age of 18. What kind of future can we offer to these young people? Are we doing all we can, as citizens of a country, to help and welcome refugees?

  3. Catherine Clarke
    Catherine Clarke at |

    I was fascinated by reading your Mom’s story. I can imagine that settling down in another country must be dramatic for parents and children. Yes we must keep our minds and hearts open to the plight of immigrants. I wish you good luck in your ancestry.

  4. Glenn
    Glenn at |

    Delightful article Colleen. I love these stories. Thank you.

  5. Sophie Berner
    Sophie Berner at |

    You put into words, so incredibly well, the ideas and thoughts swimming around in my mind. So much of what your post says applies to my grandparents, coming from Belarus, wearing kerchiefs, felt socks, building and attending the little Greek Orthodox church in small town Saskatchewan, and eating food that many thought was disgusting… all to give their kids a better chance in life. And, they succeeded. I wish you were my daughter so I could be extra proud of you!!!

  6. AnneLise
    AnneLise at |

    I also wish I had listened better and asked more questions.

  7. Joan Bowers
    Joan Bowers at |

    Colleen, you may have distant relatives in Pennsylvania, very near Philadelphia or near to where I grew up in central Penna.


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