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  1. Kathleen Bennett
    Kathleen Bennett at |

    I laughed when I read this posting, I too have a “room to be artistic in”. I recently made the mistake of thinking that if I took everything off the tables, out of the totes, drawers, shelves, bags, etc etc etc, and put everything in a pile in the middle of the room I’d be able to reorganize. Start new. Ha! I’ve only managed to clear a path through the middle of the pile, to get to my table to make a few birthday and Easter cards. (After I’d picked through the pile to get the necessary supplies)
    Funnily enough, I am packing up what I need to do a bit of scrapbooking and card making, as I will attend a “crop” this weekend.
    In true ironic fashion, I need to register for a crop, book a hotel room, drive 45 minutes, and stay the weekend (with 3 girlfriends) to be able to accomplish what I’d love to be able to do in my craft room!
    (I too love to have everything out so I can see what I have)

  2. Elinor
    Elinor at |

    Rather a relaxed fool in paradise than an overstressed brainy-pants in a nightmare of misery. (See, it’s now your smartest choice!)

  3. Lynda
    Lynda at |

    If you don’t know “The Housewife’s Lament” please enjoy this lovely version by Patty Duke. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2wRlJBv0lk

    That last verse is fair warning to any of us brought up by godly Mennonite mothers: She lay down and died and was buried in dirt.

    During happy hours tonight, let us toast all fools in paradise. Cheers!


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