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  1. Gwen
    Gwen at |

    Colleen, I think that this is the coolest thing! And the idea that you should do something, at least one thing, that scares you — that is also WAY cool.

    Another message that I got from this is that you should DO what it is you want to do — without putting expectations around it. That thing you want to try doesn’t have to be your “passion” or something that makes you money or becomes a career path. I think I get too caught up in some of that and it keeps me from playing. Just that. Without a purpose or a plan.

    Thanks so much for your continued inspiration.

  2. Shelly Stokes
    Shelly Stokes at |

    So my big, scary thing has been purchasing a home in Chapala — on my own and without my husband seeing it first. We arrived a week ago and I signed the papers on the house before he even had a look inside.

    This was most definitely not in my plans, but I just couldn’t let this opportunity to pass me by. I didn’t want it on my forever “regret” list. I’m not sure if it was the smartest or craziest thing I’ve done, but it’s done!

  3. Beverley Harding
    Beverley Harding at |

    You are SO cool Colleen. So my “afraid to do it” was learning Spanish So I started Spanish lessons through the Uni. I’ve had 5 lessons, will do 5 more and then I will go on to Level 2 and as many levels as I can. I am loving it. After Spanish I want to do Dutch as that was the 2nd language spoken in our house since my parents are Dutch immigrants. Living away from all my family I have lost a lot of it but want to get it back. What the classes have done for me is not only start teaching me Spanish but also it has given me a bit more self confidence in myself as I’m doing so well at it and I’m the oldest in the class which is showing me that I still have a working brain in my head.

  4. Catherine Clarke
    Catherine Clarke at |

    I remember, as a teenager, throwing myself in the swimming pool in Germany and learned how to swim. No previous lessons beforehand, just a throw in the water. It was scary but I swam and what a feeling it was!
    Last year, going to Cap Verde on a cruise, I took part in a choral. I am not a singer, don’t play an instrument, and was told by my husband that I put the emphasis on the wrong word, but anyhow I decided that I would have a go. After the 1st lesson I noticed that most people seemed to know what they were doing and I felt “left out”, so I had a word with the teacher who encouraged me to carry on and I did and what fun it was! At the end of the cruise we gave a concert and everybody enjoyed it. I am so glad that I pushed myself through my fears. Singing is very good for you.


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