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  1. Carol Wiebe
    Carol Wiebe at |

    Yup–I resonate to all you are saying, Colleen. I call art my spiritual practice, and I mean that in every sense of the word.
    P.S. Robert Burridge is a hoot, and one damn good art teacher. I have been following him for years.

  2. Mary Ediger
    Mary Ediger at |

    Love the post and those last two pieces of art are amazing. Those crows, wow and the Vancouver piece is absolutely incredible. That is absolutely Vancouver. If I could buy a print copy of that, I would. Thank you once again for such an inspiring post. I heard another quote around the same idea, ‘You can’t feel the exhilaration of the ocean if you are hanging onto the shore’. The idea of starting again and again in a state of humble ineptitude is so important to remember. And to carry on regardless. Blessings!

  3. Laurie
    Laurie at |

    What an amazing post and I ADORE this piece of art. You should submit this post to medium.com!

  4. Barb Pearson
    Barb Pearson at |

    You summed up my process as well, agony and joy in the same moment. There is nothing that has taught me so much about myself and for if only for that reason alone i carry on. Great piece.

  5. Sophie Berner
    Sophie Berner at |

    Again!!! You say it so incredibly well, and…beautifully. Your heart and mind flow through your fingers. What a gift you have, Colleen!

  6. M J St. Amand
    M J St. Amand at |

    Love your artwork. Making order from chaos. My latest art inspiration is Bob Burridge, who has an effective, loose, and conceptual approach to all his incredible work. Enjoy his joy on YouTube.


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