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  1. Sandra Bennett
    Sandra Bennett at |

    Thanks Colleen for the great Blog on the Gran Fondo. I think your summation of the ride was the way most of us felt. I did the 117 km and the last 20 km were gruelling. I grew up in Yarmouth and visited the area often and spent many a day at Mavillette Beach. Now I live in Halifax and so enjoyed being back – lots of great memories. Communities such as this are what Nova Scotia is known for – friendly, helpful, community spirit and always welcoming to a stranger.

    You mentioned the lady who was most inspiring to you – Catherine is her name. Catherine suffered an aneurysm while travelling in Europe in June 2015. She is paralyzed on one side and has slowing recovered her ability to communicate. She is a member of the NS Ramblers Cycling Club (180 members) of which I am President. Catherine is a remarkable women who has undergone massive physio treatments to get her where she is now. When she got her “new” bike this year, customized just for her, it gave her a lot of freedom which had been taken away from her. All her Rambler friends are very proud of her.

  2. Stephanie LeBlanc
    Stephanie LeBlanc at |

    Bonjour Colleen,
    I just read your blog (with much pleasure), and am glad you enjoyed your first visit here and your experience participating in Baie Sainte-Marie’s Gran Fondo, despite that unpredictable wind and our first “cold” day of the season! I have lived most of my life here in Clare, except for 7 years spent in Toronto… but I came back to raise my family, like so many others do. We certainly do have a “Joie de vivre”, and you described our community very graciously. Just so you know, I took photos of the cyclists in the Medio run, while they were coming around the bay in Bas-de-la-Rivière / New Edinburgh… so I may have a photo of your friend Dave. I’ll be posting them on the Gran Fondo Facebook page tomorrow. I hope you return again someday… either for the Fondo, or maybe for our annual Acadian Festival, which celebrated it’s 61st anniversary this past August! À bientôt!
    Stephanie LeBlanc

  3. Guy Breau
    Guy Breau at |

    Thanks for sharing this story! I had signed up for the Gran Fondo but had to cancel to attend a funeral in Toronto, however my good friend Robert Boudreau rode his first ever organized ride ( he is a novice, first year rider ) and he described the event and the elements just as you did. The conditions were tough but the wonderful support of the locals cheering them on, waving flags and such spurred him on to complete the medio ride. I had other more experienced rider friends there as well.
    What a wonderful event it has quickly developed into.
    I will be there next year and every year thereafter!

  4. Robert Boudreau
    Robert Boudreau at |

    Thank you for writing this. I was there. I registered for the Gran Fondo. The wind, the cold and the hills got the better of me. I ended up cutting it short for a total of approximately 80 kms. The cheers from the locals along the way and the amazing volunteers who made this epic event happen made MY weekend an absolute blast! I will be there again next year. Hopefully the wind won’t be 🙂


  5. Joan B
    Joan B at |

    OMG! Those lobsters are gorgeous. (And I can’t eat lobster anymore; it seems one of my meds brings about a gout attack — woe is me.)
    Such terrific adventures, Colleen!


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