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  1. Lynnette
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    Yup, I wholeheartedly concur (and was just writing a post about it too!!). The more busy we are, the less room we have for the spontaneity that makes life interesting. I consciously leave room for that by NOT booking back to back things, but I do feel many people interpret that as a lack of ‘importance.’

  2. Lesley Peterson
    Lesley Peterson at |

    I often think we’re not a tenth as busy as our pioneer great-grandmothers in the prairie north. Hauling a plough because there was no ox or horse, shaving and pickling mountains of cabbage to be frozen as sauerkraut in a barrel to keep children alive over the winter, a chunk hacked out each night before dinner and served as the only vegetable, picking wild shoots in the spring when the sauerkraut ran out, scrubbing diapers by hand in melted snow water…
    No, I’m not busy either, when I really think about it. Free as a bird!

  3. Catherine
    Catherine at |

    So we should!

  4. Catherine
    Catherine at |

    I like this blog, Colleen. People always seem to be running around, saying how busy they are. Perhaps they are creating some obligations for themselves to justify their existence! How many times you hear people with “see you when I am not so busy”, or “I must dash”. It always make me smile when I see a comment on “busyness” but like you I am NOT so busy.

  5. Gwen
    Gwen at |

    I think that people are so terrified of NOT being busy. If you are BUSY, that must mean you are doing something of value. Whatever that means. I have been guilty of getting on that merry-go-round a time or two myself. Once you’re on that ride, it’s tough to get off. As though being NOT BUSY means you’re lazy or wasting time. Bah-humbug!

    We are so consumed with making ourselves BUSY that we push people away. Make ourselves unapproachable – too busy to stop for coffee or break for lunch. Aren’t we so important?

    Being not busy is uncomfortable for me. I will admit. I’m the chick who cleans the fridge while on the phone and wipes down the shower while washing my hair. Sitting on the deck with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and just breathing is tough. But I’m learning. It’s okay to be still. Healthy, even.

    Thanks for the reminder. Have a great day!


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