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  1. Laurie Beeman
    Laurie Beeman at |

    Awesome travels and memories,
    welcome home Colleen,
    and what amazing weather to come home to!
    Thanks for all your sharing!

  2. Heather
    Heather at |

    Welcome back! Sounds like your re-entry was a lot easier than mine. Feel free to send tips! Wish we could’ve met up in France. It was wonderful watching you go online.

  3. Sharry
    Sharry at |

    Welcome home! Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure. I say that, but I do hope you get to enjoy home for a while. After my trip to Bhutan this spring, I’ve found that people keep asking me where I’m going next year. I feel more than a bit of pressure to up the ante somehow. Not that I’d mind!

  4. Michele Peterson
    Michele Peterson at |

    God, I love your writing. The story of your bike trip is a classic. Only you could make cycling 75 k of hills sound like fun!

    BTW there’s still media space in ATMEX – Adventure Travel Mexico in Veracruz this September if you’re looking for the next place to unlock. (http://www.adventuretravel.biz/connect/veracruz-adventure-travel-trade-show/). I’m in.

  5. barb
    barb at |

    i’ld be thrilled to meet you at your favourite coffee place. good to have you back in the ‘hood.

  6. Gwen Morrison
    Gwen Morrison at |

    Welcome back! It looks like you had an amazing journey (again!).

  7. Mandy Hale
    Mandy Hale at |

    And you sound too busy–check out this comment on the busyness of living. Sounds like you had a lock on it while you were in France…


  8. Mandy Hale
    Mandy Hale at |

    Those last three lines are probably the best prayer I’ve ever heard in my life. Thank you.

  9. sarah
    sarah at |

    And when it all settles, you’ll no doubt be diving into the writing of that book, I hope. Cuz I – surely one of many – would like to read your story, whichever one you write!

  10. ruth kozak
    ruth kozak at |

    Welcome back Colleen!


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