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  1. sarah
    sarah at |

    Sounds like a great non plan to me! Oh and I love the pic of the two Hanks!!

  2. Catherine
    Catherine at |

    That’s the best way to be as resolutions are usually broken.

    Happy New Year to you and Kevin.

  3. Mary E
    Mary E at |

    So wise and so nicely said. And the Hanks pic speaks a thousand words.

  4. Angie Mizzell
    Angie Mizzell at |

    That’s how I like to operate… within a loose outline… just enough structure to keep me from drifting out to sea. No resolutions for me, just a commitment to be more intentional with my time. To ground myself often by reconnecting to what feels like my purpose and those people and things that make me feel most alive. Cheers to you!


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