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  1. Kathy Provost
    Kathy Provost at |

    When my brother Sean died and my mom was struggling with grief , a wise and wonderful friend of hers saw an opportunity . She asked my mom if she would take the hospice training as they needed more volunteers to help out. Through the training my mom learned to start healing her own grief . She was always one to be in the service of others being raised in a Salvation Army career family. Isn’t it wonderful how being in service to others heals ourselves? I love how in life we are directed to what we need. Boom.

  2. Martha
    Martha at |

    So cool. When my time is up, I know who to call. Facing the end will be a serious thing and I might not have much energy. Just having someone sitting there in silence — someone who is useful, someone who understands — would be such a comfort. But crack me up every now and then. I love your laugh.

  3. Gwen
    Gwen at |

    “Serving is listening without judgment.” I love this truth. And you’re so right, it’s kind of an ego thing — the helping. I was talking to someone recently who was lamenting about their day, their week, their life. Not for the first time. Or the 10th or the 20th. It’s a common, very negative thing that is constant in most of our conversations. And I was in a place where I had just finished watching an inspirational speaker and I was on a big (life) high! So, yea, I launched in with my newfound wisdom of how to live a happy life and promptly told her exactly what she needed to do. Very passionately, of course. Didn’t even give her time to speak, really. It gave me such a rush — I was going to fix this for her. Just do this and this and stop doing that.. and you are the light of the world and blah blah blah.

    And of course, two days later, when she told me she forgot to watch the videos I sent her right after our call … I was bothered. Why not? I can fix this! (And that would make ME feel so good… ) Ugh, how frustrating. I have the answer! (uh huh)

    This person, who I love dearly, will find her own way. She really just wants me to listen.

    Lesson learned. Thanks for wrapping this up for me.

  4. Catherine Clarke
    Catherine Clarke at |

    Colleen I love this post. You are training to be a volunteer in an hospice for the dying. I like the idea of serving, of being present at somebody’s side, of listening or maybe just keeping silence. Yes, serving means being on the same level with the other person, of sharing the suffering, of being “one” with the person.
    I know that you are going to be an attentive listener and you will be an asset for the centre.
    I wish you good luck and be of good courage.


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