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  1. Carol Mathews
    Carol Mathews at |

    Hey Colleen,
    You handing me your card yesterday afternoon in your new art space slowly taking form, turned out to be the canvas for my morning today.
    I was curious about you and here I am, two hours later, having read, having marvelled at the beauty of your artwork, the deep feeling of your process, having cried, related, wondered and ultimately feeling a bit raw but all the better for being curious about you!
    Thanks, Carol

  2. Carol Wiebe
    Carol Wiebe at |

    It really is a crazy life, as you stated in your last comment, and we need to be crazy enough to enjoy it. You are a deep feeler and thinker, Colleen, which means life will never be easy but always rewarding. No-one can take your sunshine away.

  3. Martha
    Martha at |

    I heard an unforgettable rendition of that song over fifty years ago that left an indelible mark on my subconscious.

    My sister and I were heading home in the back of a large truck with a dozen or more raspberry pickers (sitting on benches – no seat belts). It was at the end of a rainy day, we were wet, dirty and so tired. I didn’t know most of the others with the exception of Janice, who was in my grade at Abby High. She was a “town” girl, so I didn’t know her well.

    Janice started singing “You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine,” then at the top of her lungs, belted out using every bit of her powerful voice muscle,
    We all joined in and I remember singing it over and over again — energized and overwhelmed with joy.

    I’ve been singing that song in my head all day. In June this year, I’ll be attending our 50th Abby High grad union. I’m going to look for Janice to let her know the inspirational effect that her enthusiasm had on me … unforgettable!

  4. Catherine Clarke
    Catherine Clarke at |

    Firstly I would like to say how privileged you have been to have a friendship so strong with Kathleen. You obviously loved her very much. The 4th April 2015 was such an awful day for you and all her friends that it marked your subconscious – even if you don’t remember dates.
    The 4th of April was not a date but a very sad event for you.

  5. Colleen Hannegan
    Colleen Hannegan at |

    Such a deeply touching and vulnerable share about your experience.
    Tears flowed with complete understanding and awe of the power of love remembered.
    And the depth to which our bodies carry all we’ve lived.

  6. Gwen
    Gwen at |

    Oh wow, Colleen. The body is quite miraculous, is it not? And well, the mind is, too. It’s just so much trickier, isn’t it?

    As I started to read this, I was nodding along with the “fairly crappy at dates.”Ha! It’s the best thing about Facebook, I say. Has probably saved me a friendship or two. Although I feel a little cheater-ish when I post on almost-nearly-not-friends’ profiles with a big Happy Birthday, when in “real life,” I never knew when their birthday was anyway, so WTH?

    Anyway, then I kept reading and the moment I read the song you wanted to sing, tears sprung to my eyes. It’s definitely a song that resonates with my childhood and my sisters and a lot much “stuff.” Yea, the body is a crazy thing.

    Sending you a big fat virtual hug, my friend. Love you. Keep on singin’!

  7. AnneLise
    AnneLise at |

    I love you dear friend.


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