Five Ways to Travel When You Are in Need of Some Inspiration


Today’s guest post is by Kacey Bradley of The Drifter Collective ‘a lifestyle blog that expresses various forms of style through the influence of culture and the world around us.’


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Five Ways to Travel When You Are in Need of Some Inspiration

The routine and mundane of the everyday can really start to get to you – especially in the dead of winter. When this happens, your productivity and creativity slows. You stagnate, and sometimes, you just need to get away. You need to seek out a destination to bring back that motivation you had when writing your mile-long resolution list.

This doesn’t mean that you need to set off on your own “Eat, Pray, Love” journey. While that would probably be an amazing, fun and enlightening experience, packing up and leaving for months on end isn’t necessarily in your budget or schedules. Don’t worry. Here’s five easy ways to travel that will help jump-start your motivation and rekindle your inspiration for the New Year.

1. Pick a destination and drive

There is something liberating about being on the open road, whether you know your destination or not. When the confines of the office walls become a little too suffocating, take out a map and pick a new place to visit.

It can be a weeklong getaway or a weekend, but seeing a new place always brings new perspective – especially on the road. You’ll also find that there are numerous health benefits to both planning and taking your next adventure. Definitely a win-win.

2. Have a spa getaway weekend

Stress can also do a number on our mental and physical capacities. When those stress levels hit the max levels, you have to take time for your own health and decompress. A great way to do that is to plan a relaxing and meditative getaway to recharge.

You can choose from a number of different types of spa and wellness retreats, but if you’re looking to come back inspired to tackle new tasks and goals in the coming year, you may want to look into wellness retreats that work in meditation and yoga to your weekend schedule. It will leave you feeling rejuvenated and reconnected with self.

3. Get lost in the wilderness

Maybe reconnecting with nature is your therapy of choice. Getting lost in the great outdoors can disconnect you from the hectic work environment, as well as the constant bombardment of social media platforms and Internet news. You can simply switch off, and enjoy your evenings under the stars or on the porch of your log cabin hideout.

There is something very visceral and real about reconnecting with the wilderness. You’re reminded that you too are part of the natural cycle of life, and often that is inspiration enough in itself to give that extra push to be better. If this sounds like your cup of tea but you’re not sure where to start, check out some locations that are known to be the best spots for a log cabin vacation.

4. Go on an art retreat

Another option could be to revisit the creative juices you have flowing in your veins. As children, individuals are given hours of time to dream, think and create. You paint, draw, play make believe etc. It’s a time to explore self and let your mind run wild. It’s also essential for development.

Yet, as adulthood comes about, there tends to be less and less of this creative time available – even though it’s so important for inspiration, innovation and drive. Find your creativity all over again by either going to inspirational sites left behind by artists, or take your own time to experience art therapy through an art retreat. It will be eye opening, and something you can continue through classes even once you’ve returned to the grind.

5. Revisit a favorite childhood spot

Reconnecting with youthful creativity is not the only way rediscover inspiration. Sometimes coming back to your past self can also move you to inspiration. It’s difficult to understand where you want to go, if you don’t remember where you’ve been. When you think of that in the context of driving and using good versus bad directions, this makes perfect sense.

The same can also be said for the direction in your life. The benefits of going back home can bring you the clarity you need to move you toward your goals and objectives in life, and also who doesn’t love a good bit of nostalgia?

Wherever you decide to travel to help get that spring back in your step, the underlying theme is true – you need a bit of inspiration, reflection and creativity in your life to keep it from becoming too idle. Take a day, a week or a weekend, whichever you can manage.

Just go spend some time with yourself.


Guest Post by Kacey Bradley at The Drifter Collective


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  1. Catherine Clarke
    Catherine Clarke at |

    Walking in the wilderness is totally my cup of tea. I try to make sure of a weekly 6 hours’ walk across the fields or through the woods. On these rambles I sometimes encounter deer, squirrels and rabbits, though I would prefer staying in a log cabin listening to the grey wolves of the Canadian forests. I believe that connecting with nature is beneficial both physically and mentally.
    I also find that watching a weepy film of the 1940’s can be a lift up.


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