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  1. Sharon Oddie Brown
    Sharon Oddie Brown at |

    Hmmm. The makings for your inukshuk looks a lot lot like the exotic English blue cheeses I was contemplating earlier today in a cheese shop in London. Perhaps I could make inukshuks for my British friends. Maybe our book club in Canada has to read an Inuit book, then I could strut my stuff.

  2. Martha Melling
    Martha Melling at |

    Love your photos and awesome adventures. You should write a column for the Vancouver Sun. I always read Pete McMartin and your blogs are even more interesting. In particular, Whistler Tourism should pay you for this one!

  3. Sophie Berner
    Sophie Berner at |

    Your Whistler Weekend post made me laugh, smile, and simply, feel good. Thanks for sharing, and Many Happy Returns!

  4. Susie
    Susie at |

    Wow who knew?? and I live at Whistler part time. Well I did know about the vodka room (of course!!) and the trip down the River of Golden Dreams as it starts basically from our dock but the rest of it – I had no idea. Thanks Colleen and KEVIN…

  5. Wandering Carol
    Wandering Carol at |

    Great post, Colleen. Very helpful as I’ll be in Whistler in August!!! Cannot wait.


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