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  1. Martha
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    Love the imperfection of the Japanese tea bowl! Notice how the maker left his thumb print on the foot and there will be two finger prints on the other side indicating he held it for glazing (a Japanese woman would not be so bold). Also, there are pinholes in the glaze indicating an imperfect fit of glaze to clay. And yet it is beautiful to behold. Such a perfect metaphor to tell your story.
    Oh yeah, Leonard Cohen rocks and so do you!

  2. Carol Wiebe
    Carol Wiebe at |

    I doubt if it’s your good fortune you’re bemoaning. Rather, it’s the fear and doubt of whether you can live up to what it demands of you. Will you be up for the task? Might you even miss the good old days, once anonymity is gone and the paparazzi are dogging your heels (the “you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone” syndrome).

    Of course we’re all imperfect. Only dictators and other politicians, plus the few others with gargantuan egos think otherwise, so you’ll still be in familiar company. Let me be Tonto and call you Kemo Wabi Sabi as you ride off into the beautiful sunset, the perfect segue to your perfect new life.

    But wait: can we imperfect beings have perfect lives? Not really. So there goes the source of your angst. You will not have a life you can’t live up to. More imperfection and duality and contradiction is on its way. Just ENJOY!!!!!!


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