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  1. Joan Trachuk
    Joan Trachuk at |

    I really enjoyed this and can just picture it. That is so my Uncle Hank. You have an awesome way of capturing time in your writing.

    I don’t know where Grandpa Friesen got his notion of a flat earth but it most certainly wasn’t from reading his Bible.

    I came across this 1 minute video clip and it brought to mind the reference to a flat earth that occasionally comes up.

    Bible references to the four corners of the earth are best understood to refer to the four quadrants: North, South, East and West. Similarly, we use the terminology of the setting sun or sunset. Technically that would mean that the sun is revolving around the earth, which we know it is not.

  2. Laurie
    Laurie at |

    Colleen, I think this is one of my favourite posts of yours, ever. It reads like a novel, and I want more. Have you ever thought about writing a book just about your childhood and your family?

  3. Catherine
    Catherine at |

    This is a beautiful piece of writing.

    How much you must love your Dad!

    Despite the dementia and the depression he is still the same person that you have known and loved and what counts are the beautiful memories that you have of him.

  4. Joanna
    Joanna at |

    Wonderful story. I would love to hear more about his younger days. I always appreciated his even temper and sayings like ” ahh it’s a piece of cake” . His cheeky laugh . When he used to drive it was a little scary to be his passenger, unless there was snow, then he was the best driver around !

    He has outlived 90% of his siblings, an achievement I think he is proud of. He is a blessing to our family. Even though he has dementia his personality hasn’t changed. He is still kind , interested, and appreciative.

    You were a lucky girl to have him as your dad from birth.

  5. Lesley Peterson
    Lesley Peterson at |

    Beautifully written, Colleen. Driving on the prairies and especially through Wyoming (well, as a passenger), I’ve always felt that those of us on the road were the ones fenced in on a narrow path. Sad to hear your father is in such poor shape but it’s still a lovely picture of him with the two younger men.

  6. sarah horcoff
    sarah horcoff at |

    Beautifully written Colleen. Even if I didn’t know Hank I would feel as though I did after reading this. That childlike mischievous, chuckle of his has always been one of my favorite qualities. Life feels so cruel when you have to watch such a great man fade away slowly and my heart breaks for him and for you. I hope that the treasured memories help ease the sadness a little for both of you.


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