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  1. Susie
    Susie at |

    Ok so maybe the bellyfit class wasn’t a keeper but aren’t you just a tad curious about the class after? Lap dancing with 6″ stilettos – almost as scary as bungee jumping into the abyss – just saying?

  2. Carol Perehudoff
    Carol Perehudoff at |

    Don’t get after me to stretch my brain. If it won’t return to its original dimensions, as per Emerson’s quote, it will be sagging along with the rest of me. My motto for 2014: Think less for a tauter mind!

  3. Laurie
    Laurie at |

    Smiling from ear to ear on this one – ‘Quell de helle?” is so bloody brilliant. I wish I could do the Emily Carr collage course with you… I think there’s a moratorium on me going as long as Annie is thinking of attending/attending/or recently attended it 🙂 She is in a mad rush to build up her portfolio for her application there. I also saw the retrospective on Emily Carr’s tree & forest paintings at the VAG last week so this whole week is feeling emily-ish. Thanks for the coffee break!

  4. John A
    John A at |

    Ah, but the dowager countess also said “What is a ‘weekend’?” Love the Vonnegut quote!

  5. Martha
    Martha at |

    Great blog, as usual very inspiring, but I’m trying to recover from an epic cold with sore throat, headache, cough that I picked up in Whistler. I’ll be will taking it easy until we escape to Arizona at the end of the month.

    I love Masterpiece with Downton Abbey … never miss it!


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