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  1. Catherine Clarke
    Catherine Clarke at |

    I always start the day by drinking a mug of green tea for its health benefits. As you mention salad here is a recipe for a French “Salade Niçoise” – new potatoes cut in slices, raw tomatoes, French beans, mild pepper cut in thin slices, a little onion and a few pitted black olives (you can add a few pieces of tuna if you wish). Mix in a salad bowl with a French dressing – healthy and delicious!

  2. Laurie Beeman
    Laurie Beeman at |

    Colleen, I love all your blogs, this is awesome!
    You are what you eat, and so important to nurture your body and
    Your head! Great to hear that song again! Keep up the great writing
    and sharing of stories! Even though I don’t respond to them all,
    I really enjoy the diversity and content!

  3. barb pearson
    barb pearson at |

    i suddenly feel very hungry………..think i am going to make brain food for dinner.

  4. Sharry Miller
    Sharry Miller at |

    I want that meal! I too, love good food, unfortunately to excess, but that’s my problem.

    Your quote at the top certainly confirms my own experiences. If I don’t get breakfast, I’m a wreck, and if lunch is a little too late, I get a headache and very cranky. I don’t do blood sugar drops well (or at least that’s what I assume is happening). It does make me wonder how the mental functioning is affected of people who have gastric bypass surgery or who are using HCG and 500-calorie diets to lose weight.


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