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  1. barb
    barb at |

    I can confirm that the sun is indeed glorious in Mexico. I think that the other side of the self-imposed deadline nightmare is the difficulty we have decompressing once we are in paradise. Perhaps you will address that subject once you get here. Adios.

  2. sarah
    sarah at |

    Where in Mexico, Dearie?

  3. Jason Leong
    Jason Leong at |

    Self-imposed deadlines… I recently suffered one of these torments in making a short film about the children’s workshops Sarah and I did in Mexico. The artificial deadline, coupled with no real understanding of the effort such a task would require (it turns out I’m terrible at estimating creative work) resulted in the anxiety and and disappointment of the work having to be delayed. Twice. In fact, it’s still not finished. But it doesn’t need to be yet.

    You’re absolutely right – there is always the right amount of time. On the flipside though, things will take exactly how long they’ll take. 🙂


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