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  1. mandy
    mandy at |

    I guess that makes me a cyclist, (except that bit about optimum revs per minute) even though I haven’t been on my bike since about Oct. 15, and only put 300 miles on in the last year! I pretty much live to bike, but don’t seem to be doing much living these days, if that’s the case. I believe, wholeheartedly, that anyone who wants to call themselves a cyclist, or golfer, or swimmer or writer or artist, is allowed as long as they have some interest in and experience with the activity. If you write–letters, the occasional blog post, short poems or technical manuals–you are a writer. Ditto with other dilettantes–they can lay claim to any activity they participate in and enjoy. Who knows? That person’s interest may flower into a passion for what they now dabble in. If you do it, claim it!

  2. Sharry
    Sharry at |

    Sounds like a fair deal to me, but what I want to know is how you figure you’re not a cyclist? Just exactly how do you define that terms so that it excludes you?

  3. Laurie
    Laurie at |

    I love this post!! I was just thinking, gee, I’d love to sneak off to Whistler for some skiing… and when we went to Sun Peaks a few years ago though I could ski way better than I ever did on the old sticks way back in the day, frankly it’s no use if you have leg muscles on the pre-spinach Popeye scale. The last run of each day (by last, I mean when the body gave out, not when the lifts closed, by far!) I was a quivering, plummeting blob of jello listening to the voice in my head yelling “go back to the gym before you kill yourself skiing!”

    Of course Whistler does have sumptuous dining to console oneself with…

  4. Michele Peterson
    Michele Peterson at |

    That’s my kind of ski deal! But can I make the deal before I go up the mountain?


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