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  1. Mandy Hale
    Mandy Hale at |

    Love the picture, love the post. Sharry and I were in that very spot pictured while riding our Vancouver/Salt Island/Victoria/Vancouver trip several springs ago. That’s when we met you, my dear!

  2. Sharry
    Sharry at |

    I, too, tend to find myself having all-or-nothing tendencies. I was a weaver, a basket maker, a spinner, a quilter, a glass artist…. Note the word “was.” I went through phases, picking up new passions every couple of years. Of course, I still have everything I need to do all of these things because someday I want to do them again. Right now, I’m writing.

    Normally, I attribute this flakiness to a short attention span and boredom once I learn how to do something reasonably well. Mostly, though, I blame lack of time. If my days were my own, I’d have time to pursue all of these things. Of course, I probably wouldn’t, but I’ll hang onto all the stuff, just in case.


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