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  1. Karen Gamble
    Karen Gamble at |

    Younger Next Year! Looks like turning 55 is a great reason to get this book. Walking to the bank counts right? And since I’ve been looking to “Increase my Vibration” I’ll take all advice. Never weight trained………could be my New Thing! Thanks for entering me in the draw.

  2. sarah
    sarah at |

    At the moment, because I’m on deadline, I barely get the the dog out for a 1/2 mile walk twice a day. That’s about it. I’m GOING back to yoga, any week now…any week. I understand that it’s what I should be doing first thing before I have time to think in the morning – but once my brain kicks in, my physical well being is – as Nabokov might say, defenestrated.

  3. Michele Peterson
    Michele Peterson at |

    Hey Colleen…With so many of your readers keen on getting fit, maybe they’d enjoy soaking in a bath of Avalon Sacred Meditation Bath Oil from Glastonbury after all that exercise. We’re giving away 5 bottles of essential oils to celebrate the Autumn Equinox on the Grail Springs Facebook Page and blog. You can share ideas here: https://www.facebook.com/GrailSpringsWellnessRetreat?ref=tn_tnmn

    Please count me in for the book! I need to read it! I doubt the hours I spend doing shavasana or corpse pose burns off many calories!

  4. Becca
    Becca at |

    We all need to find the thing that inspires us – this book sounds like just the ticket!

    Ironically, I seem to have been a bit too enthusiastic with my exercising and have a stress fracture in my foot šŸ™ Odd how disappointing it is to be unable to exercise for a few weeks! (at least no walking). Iā€™d packed away the yoga tapes, but will get them out as soon as we move on Friday.

  5. Irene Thiessen
    Irene Thiessen at |

    I’m in. A few times a week I’m going to walk briskly with my neighbour and her dog. On the other days, I will choose from a selection of dvd’s and shake my booty, pump some iron and strike a few yoga poses all in the comfort of my den.

  6. Sharon Oddie Brown
    Sharon Oddie Brown at |

    I plan to laugh more as part of my abs of steel program.

  7. Catherine Clarke
    Catherine Clarke at |

    I don’t have a fitness routine. I eat sensibly – no cheese, no chocs, no ice-cream (this is to reduce cholesterol). I do outdoor activities, such as conservation work and I hill walk on a regular basis. I am slim and heatlhy and have never felt better in my life. Having a positive attitude does help. I know of a lady rambler of 92 who is going walking to Turkey this week! This is inspiration.

  8. Mary
    Mary at |

    sign me up Scotty. I’ve been on the barely existent exercise plan for too long.

  9. Dee Dee (Diana) Sjogren
    Dee Dee (Diana) Sjogren at |

    I’m in!
    I’m in the draw…
    I’m in less than optimal shape…
    I’m in the mood to do something about it!

    sign me up… xodd

  10. vivien passerini
    vivien passerini at |

    Helloooo lovely Colleen!
    It’s Nordic Walking for me when I can…not as often as I should (or like!). This week starting up at the gym again…you know, the usual stuff such as the treadmill and some specific equipment. I try to go three times a week during my (extendable – to a limit) one-hour lunch break as luckily it’s quite close to work. The trouble with me is inconsistency the excuse being very little spare time. Maybe your book would give me the boost I need!
    Ciao tesoro!

  11. barb
    barb at |

    I, on the other hand, really need that book!

  12. Thanh
    Thanh at |

    Hi Colleen,

    My current fitness routine: walk fast 45 minutes a day, workout three times a week, each time about one hour, including run/ bike, weights, planks, situps, etc. I recently learned how to do Nordic walking and will add this to my fitness schedule to give myself variety and challenge. You may want to look into Nordic walking (aka Urban poling) if your knees don’t allow you to run.


  13. Sharry
    Sharry at |

    Hmm, currently it’s not so great given that I’m still recovering from rotator cuff surgery, but my plan, as soon as I can, is to start training for another triathlon in the spring. Swimming should be good for my shoulder, I love to cycle, and I really (sort of) want to be a runner. I’ve done it before, I can do it again, I guess. Yes, I can!

  14. Gwen Morrison
    Gwen Morrison at |

    Okay, okay.. you convinced me! I’m going out to buy this book! I have been walking an hour a day, 5 days a week, for more than 6 months and I can’t really say I LOOK or FEEL any better. I like that you’re doing weight training and more sit ups. I used to do 50 every night before bed. So. Back. At. It. I will vow to at least get back to working those ab muscles (Ha! like there are actual muscles under there? eh?)

    Glad it gave you more motivation. As I sit ALL day with my job, I really do have to remember to move more through the day. Thanks for sharing!


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