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  1. typehype
    typehype at |

    Sometimes I’m tempted to get rid of my computer and cell phone and credit cards (so my whereabouts and shopping habits can’t be monitored, also, by advertisers) and move to some remote location. Just for a bit of nature, peace and solitude! Pretty soon the Amazon jungle will no longer be an option :0

  2. karen
    karen at |

    My Mother was stressed trying to run the micro wave oven and the VCR. My 11 year old son is talking about, a TK42 hard drive and a 15 inch HD LCD screen.

    “Say what”?

  3. Becca
    Becca at |

    I certainly feel as if the “real” world is being subsumed by the “virtual” world. I’m a willing participant in the madness, though, so I really can’t complain overmuch.

    I do sometimes wonder where it will all end up three or four decades from now..


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