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  1. Stephen Sell
    Stephen Sell at |

    Hey Becca,

    Your my first blog (apart from Colleen. of course.) I’m gobsmacked!

    Yep, that elusive muse can be a real bore, but…there’s always chocolate!

    Be well, and thanks for writing.

    1. Colleen Friesen
      Colleen Friesen at |

      Look at you Mr. Sell… a regular BlogMeister 🙂

  2. Becca
    Becca at |

    I certainly sympathize with the moodiness of your muse, Stephen. I dream about endless hours of having the place to myself, hours I can devote to writing, hours when the words will flow like rich, molten chocolate, each one a delectable gem.


    What do I do when I finally get some free time (like now?)

    Fritter it away on the internet, that’s what.


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