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  1. Becca
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    That’s definitely a huge problem for me with the e-readers. I like to page back and forth and look for things. I like to make a teeny tiny dog eared corner on a page.

    The confounding thing with the Nook is the touch screen – I’m all thumbs, so I find myself suddenly on page 278 without knowing how I got there – or how to get back!

    HOWEVER, they are really good for traveling. I have to admit that.

  2. Becca
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    This is funny, because my husband bought me a Sony e-reader last year for Valentine’s Day, even though I had emphatically told him I was not interested in those things. I rather liked it for traveling. I was always running out of a book on the road, and then having to stop everything to look for a book store. I also found you could read faster on it (don’t know why), but had trouble seeing the screen.

    Then this year for Christmas he bought me a Nook Color. The man cannot resist gadgets. This one connects to the internet and since I’m such a huge addict he figures this is quite an upgrade.

    The Nook is much easier to see. And I can get books instantly from Barnes and Noble…that’s handy. But I still only use it when traveling.

    Somehow, I’m still hooked on books – the old fashioned kind 🙂

  3. Oh
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    Loved this entry because I’ve been paying attention, only this past month though, to comments and discussions on the e-reader and what people like and need about the various ones. And B&N hawks its Nook every time you step in the front door as though they’re anxious to get rid of their 4,000 square feet of browsable books. Sigh.

    Anyway, I’m listening to you and thinking that as the family asks what I might like for my b’day, I could make it easy for them….!

    And love your blog header, as always, especially as we are now, in STL, getting doused with ice and snow and the color gray!


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