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  1. Michelle Winner CulinaryTraveler
    Michelle Winner CulinaryTraveler at |

    Hey Colleen- miss your whacky take on the various juice-capades we enjoyed/endured at the retreat. I’m back from a trip down South in Alabama.

    Had to taste the local specialties – but have to admit it was a fryin’ shame- so back to soaking the nuts, drying the nuts, drinking the greens! Must say it made a difference in my vitality. Will put up my thoughts in detail on my blogsite in a few. Stay green! Hail to the queen!

  2. cameroonwaugh@gmail.com
    cameroonwaugh@gmail.com at |

    I hope you have returned from your trip as in i must quote “Health tour” as you have mentioned it was from November 4 to 9th. So eagerly waiting for you whole experience out there……………..an expanded note would be appreciable so that a large group of people would be benefited. thanks and regards Cameroon…:)

  3. cameroonwaugh@gmail.com
    cameroonwaugh@gmail.com at |

    I was waiting for your second piece on leading a healthy life and was happy after reading it. And ya thank you for the reply on my first post i really liked the points. Well I hope, i do not trouble you by starting the whole list of my queries?
    So…. to start with, describing yourself as “green queen” are you seriously on green foods only? A bit confused on your outside/exterior theory…..will you be a little precise! Thanks a lot for the lablog healthy diet groovin’ smoothie recipe, this time no problem with the color as well as other combination. I would seriously like to follow it. With you may be I can change my mind as well….thank you once again.

  4. PJ
    PJ at |

    hey –love the greeeen photo and the purple drink very fresh very yummy!
    Fresh Start may need to invite you to back as a guest raw chef at this rate!
    Hope you will share your ideas with Aggie–raw drink chef extraordinairre at Fresh Start.


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